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Free services that we offer


Phone Consultation

Unsure if chiropractic is right for your condition?

Book a free phone consultation with Dane.

Health Workshop

Public workshop

Held in the clinic.

45 minutes

Allow 45 minutes for this appointment
Dr. Dane will guide you through:
  • How to get quicker results
  • How to get longer lasting results
  • The 1 thing that controls our health
  • The 3 causes of health issues & how to manage them

Digital Posture Assessment

Get a baseline for your posture health.

Book your free digital posture assessment. The digital tool analyses where your posture should be and measures where you are. Dr. Dane will talk you through the results to explain what they mean.

Corporate Wellness Talks

Do you have a team of prospering employees who could benefit from a wellness and posture talk?

Fill in your details below, and Dane will get back to you with a suitable time to present the workplace wellbeing talk with your team.

Health Tips

Our free 6 part series to enhance your health and wellbeing from the comfort of your home. It includes:
  • Physical Stressors
  • Emotional Stressors
  • Nutritional Stressors
  • Environmental Stressors
  • Gut Health
  • Posture & Ergonomic Report